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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pushr Apr 26, 2014 09:45

A beautiful night with passionate friends! Thank you @withthisring for letting us partner with you and the beautiful work you are doing around the world. May we all learn how to love bigger by giving up some of ourselves in this "me" generation. Excited to see the start of many @unpamperedonpurpose parties to raise up a generosity movement and change the world! Thank you @bobgoff for your energy bolt of encouragement last night! yikes!! @chieftaleah @kathyroberts05 @carmaurer @brendaharrell1 @mrswinberg @monicamwarren @bobgoff @unpamperedonpurpose #unpamperedonpurpose #withthisringgala #lovedoes #bobgoff #withthisring #livingwater

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