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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Burger in Maui?-Cool Cat Cafe

If you like burgers you will be pleasantly surprised at the Cool Cat Cafe. There are a lot of choices. The burgers are juicy and the bread is fresh. Maybe a little too bready in some of the choices (cause after all, its the burger you want to taste) but nonetheless you can't beat the live jazz music and outdoor island atmosphere. I remember the basket of fries made us happy too! Watch our video below:

Puka Dogs in Waikiki

So I (Elina) am a huge fan of the travel network and Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations". I felt like Bourdain was pretty good at giving you a non-tourist view of the places he visited. To test my theory I watched his coverage of Oahu, Hawaii (where I was born and raised) and I was happy to see my theory confirmed. Bourdain hung out with island chefs and took his crew to the hole in the wall local joints that us locals love. However, one place he went (kind of touristy), I had never heard of and so we had to try this island gimmick called "Puka Dogs". Watch our video below (Puka Dogs and Beard Papa's for some Mochi Ice Cream!)

So the journey begins...

You may know us separately as Tyrone Wells and Elina the singer songwriters. Together we are a musical married duo that loves to travel and eat--and we sure do a lot of traveling and eating! So we thought we should start video documenting the places that we go. If you are a food and travel enthusiast like us please chime in and share advice and your favorite place and maybe next time we're in your town for music or for love we'll hit it up and give our opinion!

Here is our footage from our trip to Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Carnes and The Great Barrier Reef)- We did not originally plan to film this trip but when our camera broke it would only take video, so here you go: