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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Motherhood from the road-
While the subway rumbles below my feet,I hear the hum of the kitchen fan as a little girl sleeps on my chest in the basement green room of a venue in New York City. Her daddy is playing songs on stage upstairs and we are just holding each other after a long day of subway rides and walking at a fast pace....I'm so proud to be her mom. She has done so well on this "trial run" tour, I believe I can actually do this again...She held on to me and sucked her pacifier as we walked through the shops at 30 Rock. She slept as we walked in rain to get on the 7 train. Every once in awhile she looked like she was about to lose it and scream at this huge tough city, but suddenly she would drift back into baby dream land as the taxis honked and the subway trains screeched on their tracks. She'd cry out for food, but once fed, she'd give me a big grin on the changing table like she wasn't having a rough day at all. She must be like her mommy-she loves conquering a big city ;-).

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