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Saturday, November 6, 2010

BOOM Noodle in Seattle

Before our show in Seattle we went out to eat with Andrew Belle and a couple of his friends. I did not know what was in store for me when we walked in the door of BOOM Noodle! First of all the vibe was very hip and trendy. You sit at long communal tables under soft lighting. Your menu has pictures of different Asian models listening to music or playing with their cell phones, even your chopsticks' sleeve has an Asian model on it. Can you tell that I pay attention to the details?! But will the food be good? An Asian fusion of cold noodles, hot noodles, wok noodles and soup noodles....every choice looks amazing!

I scanned through the menu, realizing yet again, that before a show we don't have a lot of time to leisurely eat, we must scarf down our food fast and then clear our throats for singing, clear our bladders and get all of the burps out before going on stage. Then all of a sudden my eyes stopped at a dish that brought back memories from home in Hawaii... "Okonomiyaki" (Osaka style Japanese pancake with pork, cabbage, green onions, aioli, tonkatsu sauce, tempura, pickled ginger and jalapenos). I remember having this special Japanese dish at potlucks in Hawaii and once when my sister made it at home for the family after coming back from Japan. I looked at Tyrone after we had ordered our main dishes and asked with puppy eyes, "can we get one more thing I have not had a in a really long time?" and my loving husband said, "Sure honey, whatever you want." ( I LOVE that answer!). And I have to say I am so glad we ordered it! Tyrone took the risk of trying something absolutely foreign to his white boy pallet ( I love it when he does this for his wife who is always wanting to try something new) and he absolutely loved it so much so that he volunteered to eat the very last piece!
This is the the delicious BOOM Noodle version of Okonomayaki. Their version is a little more gourmet and experimental than I had growing up, but every bite was worth it! (vegetarian option as well)

For my main course I ordered Shitake Soba noodle soup. I ate the whole thing! (vegetarian option as well)
The hip and modern dining room.

BOOM Noodle gets a thumbs up from me on vibe, food and price!

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  1. sweet story! :) glad to hear you had a memorable seattle dining experience!