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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noodles&Company-Lawrence, Kansas

Right now I am in Lawrence, Kansas about 28 days into our tour. Having a girls' night out, which means that I am the only one out on this adventure :). Well Pono is with me but he doesn't count since he is sleeping in our purse (we share a purse, my doggie and I :>) at the moment while I have dinner. I decided to try a new place here called Noodles&Company. (Side note: whenever I am hungry and I try a new place that looks great, I wish I could have a free sampling of all that they make; I almost looked for it on the menu. I think it's cause I was raised in Hawaii around my Chinese family who always thought it was a good deal if we could go to a seafood buffet for a really good price. More for your money! Why not? -Because I would be huge is why not.) But I still love my options, options, options! But then a great thing happened while I was sulking that I only chose one dish to try...Dan, our wonderful roadie walked in and I realized I could try some of his food if he would let me and then I would be happy to have tried two things on the menu!
So Noodle&Company may not be the finest pasta dish you have, but they pack in the flavor for a good price and they offer All American (Mac and cheese& stroganoff) Mediterranean and Asian pasta dishes and if you don't like what you picked they'll make you another one, on them!

After trying their Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine (with parmesan crusted chicken added) and stealing some of Dan's Spicy Mushroom Stroganoff (with meatballs added), I would come here again because I like the gimmick and the food is comforting pasta, what more could you want? Tofu maybe? They'll add that too.

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  1. Noodles and Co? I think they have those up in Portland! I remember eating there once, but I don't remember what I had!!! So, this comment is worthless, really. Just wanted to say, I love it when you blog...and write about your experiences. I love, love, love it! =)~