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Friday, October 22, 2010

From backstage in Evanston, IL (Chicago Suburb)

Tonight we have a sold out show at this really cool and vibe-y place called The Space in Evanston (right near Chicago). For those of you that don't know, I am on the road with my husband for 7 weeks to promote our new album of duets that just came out last month (check it out on iTunes if you like- Tyrone and Elina- Different As Can Be) Pono lies next to me on the couch as I decide to pull out a new book. It is a very interesting book, one I would not have dared to read before. For within in it's pages lies suspense, great mystery and fear. The book is entitled "What to Expect Before You are Expecting"! Yikes! Is this new season possibly around the corner? Am I saying this out loud to cyberspace?!

I just finished reading the final book to "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" series (an enjoyable read by the way) and I was tempted to just get lost in another novel, but I brought this book and I felt like I needed to start sometime. However, the day I pulled it out in our 13 passenger van on the way to Minneapolis, something in me did not want to start reading it right away. I procrastinated and called a friend and played "Words with Friends" on my iPhone.

Anyways, now here I am and I have read about 10 pages and I am doing okay! I guess I should stop procrastinating and read a few more pages before the show =)

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