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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update from Nashville

I first sent this from my phone and it chopped up my update into several blogs. So this time I will put it all in one.

We are having so much fun! The Nashville players we have for our album are so talented,friendly and funny. Everyone is having fun because this Cd is going to be so quirky and strange that they all get a chance to experiment and relax a little bit. Right now our drummer/percussionist is laying down a part where he taps a pen up and down in his mouth and hits his teeth =). It gives the sound of a horse clip clopping- they all think it sounds kinda like the horse in "Gumby" (remember that show?). We are filming some of the studio time, so I will try to edit it soon and put it up for you to see.

It is very hot here. I have had to continue my 1/2marathon (for the SF Marathon) training on a treadmill at the hotel (7 miles today). That is a long time to stare at the wall or TV. But I think I would melt, faint or die if I exercised outside. It was supposed to be storming here according to the weather forecast, but everyday has been clear and sunny and over 90 degrees.
Tyrone, even though he is on ankle recovery has been doing some kind of exercise with me every morning and offering me his moral support.

Last night we went to see some of our musician friends from the band Green River Ordinance. They just so happened to be playing in downtown Nashville yesterday and we found out when we stepped in the venue that they were opening for American Idol winner Kris Allen. I got to watch Kris from the side of the stage. Some of you may have been more excited than me to watch him, since I know some of you really watch that American Idol show =) ( in our opinion GRO was much better- they write a lot of their own music too!)

We are in the studio from about 10am to 8pm daily, but I am looking forward to our nights to enjoy some of Nashville together like going to one of our favorite sushi places here (Samurai Sushi- voted best sushi in Nashville), they serve the craziest rolls (ex. mango and macadamia wrapped sushi or strawberries and cream sushi with shrimp or raw fish of course)

Can't wait to have the Wells' family Reunion at our house when we get back! yeehah!


  1. Don't judge Kris Allen for going on American Idol and being forced to record songs he didn't write. =) It's in his contract! Geeeeeeze.

    So I don't even like Sushi (I'll only eat the cooked stuff...), but this Samurai place sounds amazing!

    How FUN! You're having the reunion at your place?! Perfect.

  2. Hey Girlie! I'm sorry I didn't mean to bag on your Kris Allen =). He is super talented. I just wish he was allowed more freedom so he could seem more original. He can't do any songs of his own at concerts? Anyways he is great, I won't deny that =) Do you know why he did not tour for that year after he won? I think it hurt his tour this time, because he is already the year old winner and it looks like ticket sales aren't at their best =(.

    miss you!